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15 April 2010 @ 02:12 pm
 Ahhh like what the effin ef everything has been so stressing! University applications, workload and especially everyone being so sensitive. What the hell is the root of the problem. What's wrong with people these days :( it's so unfair because the last time I got really angry at someone, I didn't know how to express it so I pulled her long braid and all she did was laugh and pulled my hair back! That was the most horrid feeling I've ever had like you want to be understood but that someone just does not get it. It sucks to have a high expectation from someone because most of the times, it doesn't come true. I wish I can scream on top of my lungs right now but that will make the situation worse as people will think I should just belong to the jungle. Oh really, where I lived, it was all goannas or "BAYAWAK" if you try to pronounce it with a western accent, snakes, freaking wild boars running in the middle of the night, monkeys and other wildlife animals. By now, everyone should be irritated listening to all my complains. Hell yeah, I shall stop now. 

I've been listening to B.o.B's new album all day long. It's good. Now, don't call me lame I like other genres too okay ;) you should check out what I have on Itunes you will be awed. I need an extended holiday to travel to Melbourne and visit my lovelies there, Celsy and Karina. I miss them girls!
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14 April 2010 @ 06:37 pm
I just had a not-so-short nap but then I got this massive headache all of a sudden. Like last night at the dinner table, my head was spinning around and I was "Whoaah.. oh.."-ing while trying to balance myself...it was weird that my motion sickness occurred when I was sitting down! My brother thought I was high but I wasn't. Therefore, obviously he thought it was bullshit that I was crying for attention. He's nicer today though. He did my hair and stuff <3 ohh I love the feeling when someone touches your hair it's just loveeeeeeely.. I mean an image of a boyfriend would have been more suitable and nicer but... :|  I shall not go further into details. People will think wrongly of me :p

I guess my stress level went higher though I won't be surprised by the fact that I've been getting more headaches. I miss pouring my thoughts here. Tumblr is nice, but I miss changing my layout, make or search for pretty user pictures which always succeed in motivating me to post! Anyways, this is just all waffle waffle waffle and now I'm deciding whether to go or not to go to my Quran class in a few minutes. I want my daddy back to work now now now now and we shall watch travelling channel together on TV! I want to be those presenters in Top Gear, all you do is to talk, get famous, ride fantastic cars, TRAVEL, and... GET PAID. Maybe it's me being shallow, there should be something more on the job description hahahaha. 

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