Quick rant

 Ahhh like what the effin ef everything has been so stressing! University applications, workload and especially everyone being so sensitive. What the hell is the root of the problem. What's wrong with people these days :( it's so unfair because the last time I got really angry at someone, I didn't know how to express it so I pulled her long braid and all she did was laugh and pulled my hair back! That was the most horrid feeling I've ever had like you want to be understood but that someone just does not get it. It sucks to have a high expectation from someone because most of the times, it doesn't come true. I wish I can scream on top of my lungs right now but that will make the situation worse as people will think I should just belong to the jungle. Oh really, where I lived, it was all goannas or "BAYAWAK" if you try to pronounce it with a western accent, snakes, freaking wild boars running in the middle of the night, monkeys and other wildlife animals. By now, everyone should be irritated listening to all my complains. Hell yeah, I shall stop now. 

I've been listening to B.o.B's new album all day long. It's good. Now, don't call me lame I like other genres too okay ;) you should check out what I have on Itunes you will be awed. I need an extended holiday to travel to Melbourne and visit my lovelies there, Celsy and Karina. I miss them girls!
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Fly like a bird

I just had a not-so-short nap but then I got this massive headache all of a sudden. Like last night at the dinner table, my head was spinning around and I was "Whoaah.. oh.."-ing while trying to balance was weird that my motion sickness occurred when I was sitting down! My brother thought I was high but I wasn't. Therefore, obviously he thought it was bullshit that I was crying for attention. He's nicer today though. He did my hair and stuff <3 ohh I love the feeling when someone touches your hair it's just loveeeeeeely.. I mean an image of a boyfriend would have been more suitable and nicer but... :|  I shall not go further into details. People will think wrongly of me :p

I guess my stress level went higher though I won't be surprised by the fact that I've been getting more headaches. I miss pouring my thoughts here. Tumblr is nice, but I miss changing my layout, make or search for pretty user pictures which always succeed in motivating me to post! Anyways, this is just all waffle waffle waffle and now I'm deciding whether to go or not to go to my Quran class in a few minutes. I want my daddy back to work now now now now and we shall watch travelling channel together on TV! I want to be those presenters in Top Gear, all you do is to talk, get famous, ride fantastic cars, TRAVEL, and... GET PAID. Maybe it's me being shallow, there should be something more on the job description hahahaha. 

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T-Swift and T-pain whut?!

Yeah like what? Thug Story, you should totally listen to it. Badass song, dorky lyric and I love it! My respect for Taylor Swift is blooming now. Owh.

So, today was my last day for the work experience thing at the infant school. It was fun! Well at first I thought gawd kids are monsters and the job is not much since I was working with the reception. So it was no challenge for me. But then, it took seconds for the kids to get to know me. They're oh so friendly and adorable. People who work there will love them no matter how rebellious they are. Seriously. Since they're busy with the upcoming production and swimming gala, not much 'studying' has to be done :S I wish I could go back! Paww.

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ginger cat

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Even though Chemistry 2 paper should just go to hell and burrrrrrrrrrrr burrn like my school song 'let the flame burn'! HA! Now that I haven't got anymore exams, I can sleep and wake up late, play the sims 3 ANYTIME I want, catch up some tv show episodes, go to doha, shopshopshop, hang out, oh yes pls! This is all too orgasmic. Oh not to mention that I'm not going anywhere this holiday, this also going to suck but whatever royyt :)

Mmmhmmm, I just feel like posting this so, catchuuu later!
(PS: I'm drinking Pinacolada. This is giving me chillls brrrrr)

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dudee I'm not laughing with you.

I went to the club yesterday with my lovelies to have lunch, and it was my first time meeting Karina since she was back! It was fun despite the hot hot weather. I brought my laptop and then we went to the field. I love grass! But not after I saw a worm-like animal coming out of it and then got beaten by a bee! It was a total panicky moment. Yucky at the same time. Not ever again sit, on that grass.. (which I will enventually forget haha)

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Lets walk together until our heads tell us to stop.

So my mom got me the butterfly necklace that I wanted! It's so nice <3 and I'm really glad I bought it because it was half priced compared to what I saw elsewhere! (80qr ftw!)

I went to Doha with the girlies yesterday. I am going to miss Fitria but it's not like we're never going to see each other again, right?! It was fun and random. We wanted to eat at Applebees but did not want to watch a movie! So we didn't want to just do nothing fo the remaining 3 hours until the bus picked us up. We wandered around for ages then decided to go to the bowling alley! But the Asians didn't have socks except Charlotte. Hah! So we bought really cheap socks and each of us bought a different coloured one.Haaaaaaaaaaa. It took us nearly an hour due to hesitation and the very long queue! How can it not be, Shoe Mart was on sale, my face basically went like -__-'' when I came in because it was so packed!

So played some balls, sucked, didn't give up, gave up and done with it. Ran away and secretly went searching for Fitria's present with Egit. It was hard to find something special. But we finally found something nice so that's a total relief! Because of the HUGE amount of research we put in, we were late for dinner and the others already ordered!

Oh ya, we also saw this group of women with their kids eating lotsssaa food! their maids were left out and they had to wait at the waiting seats! It broke my heart to see that you know. I mean, if I was the women, I would treat them as my family as well. They're already away from their homecountry and family and of course it will be nice to appreciate what they have done and treat them very nicely. They deserve it. Ugh, It's just.. yeah.

On the way home, we passed the parking lot and this guy full of arabics riding a hummer "Hey ladies! How are you? I'm good thank you. Come again!". All of us didn't want to look back because it was just so wtf moment o_o  we didn't even come to you, you fags.Why would he even answer his questions. Gawd. Okbye!

(This French song that I'm listening to is really good! Youtube it! the melody is cute and the foreign language makes it even cuter!)
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What are the boobs without the heart inside

So, instead of staying home and revise, I went shopping to City Centre yesterday! It was gooood because I bought stuff. O gawd, there's this top that I want so bad at Debenhams but it's not worth the price! I saw this topshop grey dress with block colours that Kaya from Skins wore, it's ahdoorable but my mom was like no let's go back. Soo I headed back to Mango instead and bought this super uber cute white dressy top. I also discovered my love for cute headpins and headbands o nyoowww let's start collecting! O ya, ;D I met Be-E-E-E-E-La-Ella there too!

Went swimming last night at waha then studied it felt so goood. Then, they put a projector screen by the pool and it was cool. Swam and watched a bit of man u vs barca. (well congrats to barcarians)Then actually STUDIED. Haha, we met josie and just gossiped about stuff hahaha she's amazing. So then Fitria and Egit came along! aaahh :( I miss talking to Egit so much, we've been well, what can I say not as close anymore maybe? for whatever the reason is.. I would really like to mend it. She's still one of the amazing people in the world, though!

and O my god, never get tired of  America's Next Top Model bitch fighting. Hahahaha I love Allison, she's quirky and Celia wow, I see her as a boss. I don't know. They rule. Well the cycle is finished now. I need to get back to do some maths and eat some more galaxy ice cream! It's sooooooo gooooooooooood. My dad bought like 15 of it o_o!
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Let's Talk Turkey!

Yes so prom was kind of disappointing. I don't know, I didn't really think of it as prom? how do we define it anyway? and I thought it was supposed to be a leaving party for Yr 13 and yet.. we were a bunch of groupies! yr 12 with yr 12 and yr 13 with yr 13. Sigh, I guess we will never change eh!

However, I really loved what everyone was wearing! It wasn't the boring black anymore :p I am surely going to miss yr 13! :O oh gosh! the silliness and all nyawwww *squeals*! The other thing I loved about prom was that how the year 12 guys were dancing like crazy *bahasa: cacing kepanasan". It was soooooo  hilarious. I never ever thought most of them would go down to the dance floor hard to the core. Ah yesh wayh!

So, I received a lot of comments about my headband ;_; that I wore that night. (I'm the one who's obviously with a headband on, I'm sorry for the blurry face, I'm too shy to reveal my face to the online world)
"Asti! you look like a wise man!"
"Hi asti.. you look like a phocahontas! (spl?)" << that was said by Bary, Kar.. hahahahahhahahahaha
"hahahaha you're like a hobo!"
"Hey why are you wearing it like that? can I borrow?"
Hahahhahahahah they actually made my night! :p

And. McD's Chocodip Ice cream is loveeeeeeeee and Mcflurry has gone into the blue! Raghief and Bayu picked me up at like Idk, 2-ish? in the morning, yesh. We went to McD! Gosh junkies these days. This is what happens when you have a car you know. Sometimes I just can't wait to be legal enough to drive and pimp my car. But then, I'm such a coward!

Hm, so I don't know what's wrong but I've been seeing everything in a pessimistic perception. I do not want to, but all the thoughts, I can't help it. I feel bad for everything I am now. I don't know if it's because of myself or some people. Or should I just blame the hormones. I usually don't care, but ahhh! XD Khalas.

Okay, I need to kick butt at revision now. kissy kiss and huggy hug!
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It's my own fault that I can't listen to myself


Yes it took me like 1 minute or 2 to actually realize that was me. Uhm, guys? I really had no idea because I don't even have that picture! never even seen it in my life! Well, this picture is from my ex-school back then in indo who is really nice..... for putting this up XD on the screen on their frikkin prom night! I'm embarassed yet flattered. I haven't forgotten about you guys! :'((((  and I loveeeee this sweet thing you ever did to me! Imysm! all of youuuuuuuuu

And so like, I've been watching Lost. I'm still veryyyyyyyyyyy behind but y'all should know how fast I am with catching up! Ooh and also it really is a bad timing though :p! But oh well. kthxbye!
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